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How Much is a Dumpster Rental in Independence MO?

How Much is a Dumpster Rental in Independence MO?

Dumpster rental pricing – this is one of the most searched questions in our industry. Rothwell Dumpster Rental takes pride in pricing transparency. That is why we post our pricing directly on the home page of our website. We believe you should know exactly how much dumpster rental is in Independence, MO or wherever you are in Kansas City, and exactly what size is required for your project.


Most dumpster rental in Independence MO starts around $300 for 1-4 days and goes up from there depending on the size of the dumpster and the length of days needed. There is different pricing for commercial rental and you will need to call to negotiate that pricing. Commercial rental pricing is based on factors like frequency of use and length of project.


When you are searching for how much it is for dumpster rental you will find a wide range of pricing online. Some have hidden fees or may have lower costs but charge extra for delivery or pickup. Generally, it is best to search various websites, then call to discuss the details of your removal project. The amount and type of debris you have will play a huge role in selecting the right size dumpster.


Availability may also drive cost. If supply is limited or it’s the time of year when demand is low, some companies will charge more for the what they have in stock. Rothwell Dumpster Rental pricing is clearly stated on our website, no hidden fees, and we do not adjust our pricing or add on charges. When you call and receive a quote, that is the price you pay.


What Am I Paying For?


The second most frequent question we get is “what am I paying for?”. The answer is the same whether you have a 12-yard or 40-yard dumpster rental. Your rental fee covers delivery, rental of our stock, pick-up, disposal fees, and taxes. Usually, you can rent a dumpster for 1-4 days. The price doesn’t change unless you need more than 4 days. Most residential projects can be handled in a few days.


Don’t Pay for What You Don’t Need


The size dumpster you need depends on the amount of debris you have to throw out. Surprisingly, dumpsters hold quite a bit, even though they seem small compared to the amount you have to remove. You need a dumpster large enough to hold your debris without stacking it above the walls of the dumpster. You also want to make sure that the items you want to remove are not on our prohibited items list.


We always advise that you discuss this with a professional before renting a dumpster. They will discuss with you things like amount of debris and type of items you have to remove. Large remodeling projects may require a 40 dumpster, while cleaning our your garage or a kitchen remodel could be handled by a 12 or 15 yard roll-off dumpster. Just because the job seems big to you, may not mean you need the largest dumpster.


Our knowledgeable representatives can answer any questions about how much a dumpster rental is in Independence, MO. Give us a call and ask about our same day delivery options as well! You can book your dumpster online or call, (816) 927-4208, to speak to one of our awesome staff. Rothwell Dumpster Rental is here to help you choose the perfect dumpster rental in Independence and throughout the Kansas City area.

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