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How To Properly Load a Small Dumpster Rental

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A small dumpster rental is more than likely needed if you are about to embark on a messy home project or remodel. Safety is also incredibly important when renting a dumpster. Many dumpster users and first-time renters may not know exactly how to fill a roll-off dumpster. Rothwell Dumpster Rental has the answers and expertise you want when having to deal with a messy situation, so call them when you need a small dumpster rental.


So, you’ve rented a dumpster and it’s time to load said dumpster. You might assume loading a small dumpster rental is straightforward, but that’s not always the case. Filling can be tricky depending on the weight, size, and type of material you’re loading. Here are 5 quick tips you should follow when loading a small dumpster rental, for the safety of yourself and others:

  1. Break Things Down/Flatten Boxes – You want to maximize space in your dumpster, so you don’t want to throw empty cardboard boxes into it. Items like bookcases, shelves, and dressers can take up significantly less space when broken down as well. Break bigger items into smaller pieces to maximize space.

  2. Bulk at the Bottom – Working with bulky items like old equipment, furniture, housing fixtures and similar things? If that’s the case, place the bulkiest items at the bottom. Once you have a layer of bulky items at the base of your dumpster, you can start to fill in with smaller items.

  3. Load from Front to Back – Rothwell has a small dumpster rental with a rear door, allowing you to easily walk in and drop off your items. This door makes it easy to distribute your waste efficiently. If you want to maximize space in the dumpster, then we don’t recommend throwing items over the side walls. Instead, open the doors, walk into the dumpster, and neatly arrange your items at the front of the bin, then work your way back.

  4. Fill the Gaps – Always fill in gaps as you begin to fill your small dumpster rental. Be conscientious throughout your project and pause every once in a while, to make sure you are filling all gaps. As an example, if you’re throwing away furniture, make sure you’ve filled in the empty areas under the legs with smaller items to be trashed.

  5. Distribute Weight Evenly/Don’t Overfill – Make sure you’re distributing weight across the entire dumpster. If the weight is not evenly distributed, the dumpster can shift during loading or transit, which can lead to a dangerous situation for all affected. Never fill the dumpster over the top of the unit. When we pick up the rental, we need to securely tarp the dumpster to ensure items don’t fly out when driving to the landfill or recycling center. Your load needs to be level for this tarp to fit over the bin.

Our small dumpster rental sizes range from 12-yards to 20-yards, and our dumpsters are designed with low sidewalls for sideloading to benefit our customers for safety and convenience combined. A small dumpster rental is a good thought when you have a couple days’ worth of work to complete – even up to a week. This allows you to accumulate waste over time instead of having to rush and getting rid of something you didn’t mean to in the whirlwind. We appreciate you giving us 2-3 days’ notice before dropping off as this allows us time to double check that we have the right size you will need to complete your project and gives us a chance to inspect the rental for safety!


At Rothwell Dumpster Rental we have a small dumpster rental available to handle waste from almost any type of project. We will deliver the small dumpster rental right to your driveway for however many days you need it. Proudly servicing the areas of Independence, Kansas City, Lees Summit, Blue Springs, Liberty, Raytown, Gladstone, Excelsior Springs, Sugar Creek, contact us today at (816) 927-4208 or use our online booking option!

This is a picture for a blog post that discusses home dumpster rental.

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