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Small Dumpster Rental in Independence MO Solutions for Household Projects

Small dumpster rental in Independence MO provides solutions for many different situations around the home. For example, if you have no clue what to do with all the mess from your project, there are options available to you that make it easier to handle. Whether you are deep cleaning your house in preparation for selling it, remodeling to improve the space, or having a construction site going on with an addition, managing all the waste can be a major concern. If you have any upcoming projects involving any junk disposal, here is all you need to know to help you take care of all the resulting debris.


Using a small dumpster rental in Independence MO will give you more flexibility and control. Our customers utilize our dumpsters for many different applications, anything from complete home remodels to disposing of used furniture. Our dumpster sizes range from 12-yards to 20-yards, and our small dumpsters are designed with low sidewalls for sideloading to benefit our customers for safety and convenience


Home Cleanup. It doesn’t matter if you’re involved in a major DIY project or hiring a professional contractor, heavy-duty cleanups with a simple and convenient container will fit all your needs at the right price for your budget. When you need a container for a weekend decluttering project, getting ready for an estate sale or garage cleanout, having a small dumpster rental in Independence MO in the driveway streamlines the process.

Garage Clean Outs. When you are cleaning out a garage, a small dumpster rental in Independence MO placed in your driveway can make the entire process go more quickly and is more effective than trying to put everything on the curb in separate trash bags. It’s safer, too – no pedestrian accident risks! Every container comes with a door at the back that swings open, allowing you to walk large items directly into the dumpster, without having to toss everything over the side.

Remodeling. With a small dumpster rental in Independence MO on-site, you can easily get rid of debris from kitchen and bath remodels, roofing projects, landscaping improvements, storm cleanup, and more. For renovations, a large amount of debris can accumulate from a kitchen and/or bathroom demolition and renovation. Loads of old tile, carpet pieces, drywall scraps, and pieces of flooring are all acceptable materials to throw in a dumpster.


Moving or Downsizing. A small dumpster rental in Independence MO can simplify the moving process and make getting rid of clutter easily. From broken furniture to worn-out appliances, we can help you find the right container for those household items that don’t make the cut when thinning out your possessions.


Disaster or Storm Cleanup. Following a seasonal storm or a natural disaster, homeowners in the greater Kansas City metro are often left with a daunting amount of displaced roofing tiles, limbs and branches, and other miscellaneous debris caused from high winds, hail, and rain.


Rothwell Dumpster Rental (RDR), we have dumpsters available to handle waste streams from almost any type of project. Importantly, our company will deliver the small dumpster rental in Independence MO right to your driveway for however many days you need it. You can fill the dumpster with all the trash and debris that you need to throw away, and once it’s full, RDR will pick it up, and you are sorted!


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